Awesome Beaches in and around Wailea

The island of Maui is known for its beaches.  Below are some of the best beaches in and around Wailea.

Wailea Beach
Situated between Four Seasons Resort and Grand Wailea Resort, Wailea Beach is only 1/3 of a mile from Maui Breeze Retreat at Ho’olei.  It is a wide beach with plenty of sandy area.  The beach is sometimes crowded, but the sand and ocean are inviting.  There is a paved path that strolls along the beach and free public parking right next to Four Seasons Resorts that gives you close access.  Vendors rent beach items that include beach chairs, umbrellas, chase lounges, kayaks, boogie boards, paddle boards and snorkel gear.  Shopping and restaurants are also nearby.
Distance from Maui Breeze Retreat at Ho’olei:  0.3 mile

Ulua Beach
Ulua Beach is a quarter mile long pocket of sandy beach.  It is popular with dive instructors, as there is a good beginner level dive at the outer reef.  Great area to snorkel and boogie board.  Look for sea turtles swimming in the water.  Beach parking available.
Distance from Maui Breeze Retreat at Ho’olei:  0.8 mile

Po’olenalena Beach Park
Also known as Paipu Beach, Po’olenalena is a beautiful, long sandy beach, that until recent years was mostly known only by locals. Because it has spectacular sunset views, and often becomes uncrowded late in the day, it is a favorite location for wedding photographers and ceremonies.
Distance from Maui Breeze Retreat at Ho’olei:  1.5 miles

Keawakapu Beach
Keawakapu is another beach available when it comes to Maui portrait photography.  Vacationers tend to get great pictures of the rocks and sunset here.  It is a long beach that is in front of private residences.  With some parking and a shower area, this is also a local favorite.
Distance from Maui Breeze Retreat at Ho’olei:  2.0 miles

Maluaka Beach
Maluaka is one of Makena’s gems. This beach has great snorkeling and swimming.  Areas around here are often referred to as Turtle Town Maui.  With picnic areas, restrooms, and showers, Maluaka is one of the best beaches in southwestern Maui and is ideal for families.
Distance from Maui Breeze Retreat at Ho’olei:  2.7 miles

Big Beach (Makena State Park)  
Located on the southwestern portion of Maui, Big Beach lives up to its name as a very large beach.  You will find approximately a mile of perfect orange and white sand, cliffy dramatic landscape and water that is brilliant blue and green.  There is little reef around here, which makes the sand bottom shine up through the water to give it a tropical brightness. Over the cliffs from Big Beach is Little Beach.
Distance from Maui Breeze Retreat at Ho’olei:  4.0 miles

Little Beach
This is Maui’s most popular clothing-optional beach.  The waves here are perfect for bodysurfing and surfing.  It offers a reef break off the South side of the beach.  At sunset on Sundays, everyone celebrates by swimming and cheering as a large drum circle beats away with imaginative fire-twirling.  This is an eclectic adventure!  Bring a flashlight to get back over the rocky cliffs at night.
Distance from Maui Breeze Retreat at Ho’olei:  4.0 miles

Charley Young Beach
On the north end of Kamaole Beach Park 1, you will find an area known as Charley Young Beach.   With great views and perfect sand, Charley Young Beach is a great spot to spend with family and friends.  There are port-a-potties and showers but no lifeguards.  The parking for this beach is limited to what you can find on the side of South Kihei Road.  This is a swimming beach that offers visitors one of the best beaches in Kihei.
Distance from Maui Breeze Retreat at Ho’olei:  4.3 miles

Kalama Beach Park
Possessing a large amount of land but not much sandy beach, Kalama Beach Park has great facilities and plenty of room for large gatherings.  For those who like to play volleyball, Kalama is a dream come true.  The volleyball courts are well lit late into the night.  There is also a small skate park.
Distance from Maui Breeze Retreat at Ho’olei:  4.8 miles

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