How to Pick the Best Luau on Maui

by Matthew Morris – Maui offers a variety of luaus and it can get a little overwhelming to find the best fit for you and your guests.  While reviews are helpful, keep in mind that just because something has good reviews does not mean it is the experience you are looking for.  With so many luau options offered on Maui, how you do you know which one to book?

Everyone has their idea of what luau option works best for them. Some guests will be traveling with a group while other guests will be traveling with their significant other or a smaller family. Group luaus can easily be arranged as single family options through advance notification. Below are more details about our top luau recommendations. Space is often limited and some luau options are reserved months ahead of time depending on the time of year.

The first step step in deciding which luau is right for you is to be aware that there are 2 styles of luaus offered on Maui:  (1) traditional luaus which include hula dancing only; and (2) Polynesian luaus that combine hula and traditional hula dancing in one show.  While you may read reviews online that say a particular option is the “best” or “the worst”, please keep in mind that particular luau may not be the right fit for what you are looking to experience.  We often find that guests are disappointed in some luaus because they thought it was good because of all of the great reviews, only to find out it was not the style of luau they wanted to attend.

The next step is to plan ahead and reserve your ticket early and to decide what type of seating you prefer.  Most luaus offer seating in “standard” or “premium” seats and essentially this is like most airlines in that they have economy class and first-class seating. Some luaus will book you in seats based on the time you book, i.e. the sooner you book the better the seats while other luaus have guests seated on a first come first serve basis.  While most luaus offered table and chair style seating, some luaus offer cushioned ground seating. With so many options and factors to consider, we can help you plan your preferred luau activities.

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